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Blue Troops – Blue magic mushrooms, buy blue meanies online australia

Why do magic mushrooms turn blue when they are cut? Chemists have now unraveled this decades-old mystery, in the process revealing that the dark blue pigments at the center of the mystery are similar to indigo, the dye used to produce blue jeans.

Magic mushrooms or Psilocybe are fungi producing the psychotropic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. They are one of several species that instantly develop a blue coloration when they are cut or bruised.

Are All Mushrooms That Bruise Blue Magic?

The appearance of hallucinogenic mushrooms varies between species. Many but not all species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms bruise blue when handled or damaged, and blue discoloration may also be present at the base of the stem.

Blue Magic Mushrooms Lineage | Buy Blue Meanies Online Australia

Blue Troops are a crossbreed of Texas Yellow Caps and Blue Meanies, developed right here in beautiful British Columbia.

What do blue cap mushrooms do?
Raw Blue Mushrooms are good for regenerating health and hunger, and cooked green caps make up for the lost sanity.

Blue Shrooms Potency:

This unique Dried Blue mushrooms strain produces above-average quantities of both Psilocin and Psilocybe. A great choice for intermediate and advanced psychonauts.


Blue Troops are a potent yet well-balanced variety known to induce a warm, euphoric state promoting openness and sociability. Predominantly cerebral with minimal body load. Blue Mushrooms are fantastic mushrooms for day or nighttime trips.


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