White Jedi Mind Fuck


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  Lineage: Canada

  Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

  Onset Time: 1-2 hrs

  Duration: 4-6 hrs

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Jedi mind fuck Mushrooms | Jedi mind fuck Magic mushrooms for sale Australia

Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushrooms for sale Australia ship discreetly is an ideal choice for novice users. Buy Jedi mindfuck shrooms for a potent and intense hallucinogenic journey.  The Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are consumed in smaller doses to get Max’s feel. Read our guide to microdosing for more information. They provide relaxing body and cerebral sensations. Meanwhile, higher doses can produce a more powerful twisting of balance.

Even though it appears smaller in size when compared to some of the larger strains. This mushroom does not fall short in its potency. It can take up an hour until it achieves a full effect and also can last up to five or 6 hours, depending on the user.

Effects include Creativity, Euphoria, Joy, Spiritual, Visual Hallucinations

Jedi Mindfuck Lineage:

The Jedi Mindfuck is a very special strain from British Columbia. Made by crossing Albino Penis Envy with Jedi Mind Fuck.

Jedi Mushroom Potency:

Due to its lineage, WJMF is a very potent strain that is recommended for experienced users.


Vivid visual hallucinations, intense euphoria, and laughter combined with periods of deep introspection. This strain has been proven to help users who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.


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